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Affirmations for a powerful life

Think universally act personally~We are the powers that be.................................
Every raindrop entering the ocean becomes the ocean ..................................

 Leonard Cohen

The New World Order is a phenomena that is inevitably occurring at this time.

It is the only logical "evolutionarily correct"
development for the human race
that will enable us to survive the incredible challenges 
that face us through the next 20 years.

We have a choice as to the nature of  that New World Order.

We can continue to choose to allow humanityto drift helplessly 
onto the reef of its lowest common denominator,
or we can choose to proclaim and live by that nature of love 
that we truly are, which in consequence will be reflected in

Our New World Order of Love.

Our planet reflecting the very highest aspiration
of what it is to be a human being.

Societies that are a manifestation of our love, 
our knowledge of the true nature of the universe,
rather than a collective compromise resigned to because of
agreements we have made out of our fear 
rather than our love and good sense.

We have a choice,we can choose to breath life into our
New World Order of Love.

To bring this into present time reality,
how do we act in both our individual lives, in our tribes,
our cities, our nations, in our global family ?

How do we translate this principle, our proclamation 
into action where our family is suffering or 
lost in some insane conflict somewhere ?

How do we breath love into the Middle East, Bosnia, East Timor,
Los Angeles, The house across the street where 
our children are being abused ?

This is the challenge of our age.

It is this challenge that drives us into, 
and draws us through the evolutionary leap 
that is occurring within us human beings at this time.

We can begin to meet and greet this challenge by taking action,
by affirming that  "love is life".

By breathing in life and breathing out love,
we can bring alive into our  New World Order of Love.

Living it, breathing it each moment, each breath, every thought,
in every situation, every judgement, with every action.

Love always was and always will be
the ultimate power in the world,

Love is the essence of life itself.

Our world can work for all of us,
everyone, everywhere, without exception.
The Highest Common Denominator
of the Human Race is Love.


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"There is nothing wrong with our world, 
we are just having a weird conversation." 
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