Think universally act personally~We are the powers that be
Every raindrop entering the ocean becomes the ocean

"There is nothing wrong with our world, 
we are just having a weird conversation"
"Those who say that you cannot force the river, 
have never heard of plumbing"

Social Acupuncture
Activism for the new millenium

The power to make a difference with a single act of conversation

Intentional intervention into
critical areas of the conversation creates a reaction,

freeing up the conversation to evolve optimally.

The conversation - thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams, woven through our interaction
into one ocean that flows through all our lives

Every individual raindrop falling from the sky entering the ocean,
becomes the ocean.

We are the powers that be !

Every moment of our lives effects the "conversation",
every act, every thought, every feeling.

We are already "making a difference"

The question is what difference are we making ?

Our whole civilization here on planet Earth in the new millenium,
is the sum total of our conversation
- both collective and personal.

We live fearfully   -  We create war.

We talk about the possibility
of walking and driving on the moon

and these crazy little apes that we are, synthesize the rocks
to create a device to transport us there.

When the conversation reaches critical mass,
it transforms into action.

There are areas in the "conversation"
where critical mass is more readily accessible.

"The beat of a butterfly's wing, can, at a critical moment,
create a disturbance that will result in the occurrence
of a hurricane on the far side of the ocean."

We never can be sure when that critical moment is at hand.
We need to be the butterfly that we truly are - optimized human beings,
so that our wings are beating when
that critical moment is at hand.

Critical mass can be rapidly created by
seeding the conversation with intent
to contradict the prevailing paradigm.

Our perceived identity/comfort zone depends on the stability
of the status quo, hence the paradigm.

The paradigm freezes the conversation in a loop,
holding it and us in the past - disempowered.

Our need to integrate the contradiction and create a new paradigm can,
if conditions are favorable, create critical mass.

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"
but we can put salt in its food - Social Acupuncture, creates a thirst
causing a reaction, just enough to do the work, 
not too much to create an over reaction.

The conversation is highly accessible to all of us through
both the traditional and new media.

~ :*: ~

Global Vision Network
"Reclaiming and empowering our planet,
practicing the gentle art of Social Acupuncture"

Affirmations for a powerful life

"There is nothing wrong with our world
we are just having a weird conversation"

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