CVM prohibits Winners Invest, imposes fine of R$ 5,000 per day and asks people to report the company

 18. Dezember 2020      

Another company that promised guaranteed profit is prohibited from acting by the CVM

The Brazilian Securities Commission, CVM, announced in Resolution 867 that Winners Invest carries out illegal operations in the country.

In addition, according to the CVM, the owner of the company, José Paulo Medeiros da Silva, did not provide an answer to the questions raised by the municipality about the services offered by the platform.

The CVM also pointed out that neither the company nor José Paulo or the other members of the company had authorization or dispensation to operate in the securities market.

„The exercise of portfolio management activities without compliance with legal or regulatory requirements authorizes the CVM to order the suspension of such procedures, pursuant to article 23 of Law No. 6385 of December 7, 1976, without prejudice to the applicable administrative sanctions, and also characterizes, in theory, the crime provided for in article 27-E of Law No. 6385,“ said the CVM.

Thus, considering that the activities of the company and its partners are illegal, CVM ordered the immediate suspension of activities under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 5,000.

„If they do not adopt the CVM’s determination, José Paulo Medeiros da Silva and Winners Invest Ltda. will be subject to a daily fine of R$ 5,000.00Z, said the agency.

Guaranteed profit

Winners Invest declares in its portal that it has more than 3 thousand active customers and about 3 years of operation in the investment market.

Thus, like other companies accused of financial pyramid, Winners declares that it guarantees profitability of 14% to 72% per year depending on the profile of the investor.

Besides the fine and prohibition, the CVM also recommended that people who receive investment proposals from the company or are customers of Winners should contact and report the company.

Did you receive an investment proposal from the person involved? Notify the CVM! If you are an investor or receive an investment proposal from the person involved in this Deliberation, please contact the CVM through the Citizen Service (SAC). Provide as much information as possible, with details of the offer and the identification of the related persons, so that the Municipality can act quickly in the case,“ he concluded.

On the 11th, the CVM also pointed out that influencers are not professional analysts and, therefore, their analyses may contain vices that end up benefiting the influencers themselves. The Commission also warned that it is an administrative infraction to use social networks to manifest on securities, even if on a non-professional basis.